Current Functionality

The system is always being enhanced with new functionality. Much of the functionality is standard for partner portals. What’s different about, however, is that users are able to manage these functions for multiple partners all in one place.

As of this writing, has the following functions.

System and Partnering

System and Partnering are not functions by themselves, but are the basis for all other functionality. Users need to be able to log in to the system to see the menus and update their profiles. Suppliers and distributors decide to which of the potential partners in the system they would like to provide access to their content. If a supplier finds that not all of its distributors have accounts on the system, ICR will create accounts for the missing distributors. Within the partnering function, suppliers can assign distributors to different categories (e.g., Gold, Silver, Bronze) and treat them differently within other functions such as content sharing.

Contact Sharing

Contact sharing allows users to manage their employees’ contact information and share it with authorized partners. These contacts are not only used for sharing, but other functions (e.g., routing sales opportunities to sales people) as well. What makes this function powerful is that users can share contact information all in a single place for multiple partners; no need to update multiple sites.

Opportunity Management

Opportunity management allows suppliers to create sales opportunities with prospects and route them directly to distributors who can assign them to their sales people, who can access/update them online. Both the supplier and the distributor can see updated status at any time. The portal also allows both suppliers and distributors to create/manage their own leads without involving a partner, so can serve as the single site for managing all of an organization's leads. Users can see all their opportunities in a single place.

Planning / measurement / reward

Planning / measurement / reward enables suppliers to establish goals for each of their distributors, measure performance on an on-going basis, estimate rewards and set tactics for achieving goals. And all of this information can be updated at any time and is always available. This allows sales leads to monitor the performance of their distributors at any time and make adjustments if they don’t like the Direction performance is headed. Distributors can see the plans from multiple distributors in a single place.

Point of Sale (POS) Data Collection

Point of Sale (POS) data submission allows distributors to submit spreadsheet-based POS information to multiple suppliers in a single monthly upload. Suppliers can download consolidated POS information in a single file from multiple distributors within any given date range. In the near future, POS analysis tools will be available as well.

Posts and newsletters

Posts give suppliers and distributors the ability to share content with their partners by attaching files, sharing links to pages/videos or writing text. So users can share content like discount structures, pricing, promotions, product announcements, policies, sales incentives… just about anything. Additionally, suppliers can share different content with different distributors or groups of distributors. So a distributor can see content from many suppliers all in a single place. Users can then share posts from their partners in newsletters.

Single Sign-on

Allows distributors to access suppliers' other systems (for functions like availability checking) without having to enter a separate login and password.

Training and Certification Tracking

Training and Certification Tracking give suppliers the ability to track the training of distributors’ employees and share it with distributors. This is especially useful when training is tied to achieving a certain level of reward.

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