Our Philosophy

Our philosophy regarding distributor collaboration is guided by three key principles...

1) The network is more important than functionality you won't use. There are a number of portal solutions that provide a good deal more bells and whistles than the ICR Portal. But most industrial suppliers don’t need 90% of the features. For each function (e.g., opportunity management), you need the basic capabilities. For most industrial suppliers, basic portal functionality in a multi-supplier environment is far more effective than having tons of functionality on a site housing just one supplier. And it’s much less expensive.

2) Focus on the easy stuff first. We recognize that building interfaces to your back-office systems is time-consuming and expensive. We do our best to avoid that by providing spreadsheet imports and exports for virtually all functions. Batch interfaces can be achieved through email sends of data files. Additionally, there are some functions that simply don’t make sense to put on the portal due to their strong need for back-office connectivity (e.g., inventory availability checking); in these cases we provide the ability include web links from ICR-Portal.com to your system.

3) A great solution sells itself. We are more focuesed on delivering a great system than on sales and marketing.

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