Training for Distributors and Suppliers/Manufacturers

We have done our best to make as straight-forward as we could. Every function has detailed instructions (just a little bit of reading).

But we understand that it's helpful to get a little head start in understanding what the Portal is all about and how it works, so we have created several videos to explain.

We know that in many cases you want to share these videos with your employees and partners, but don't necessarily want to direct them to this page. All the videos are on On the upper-right-hand portion of each video, there is a button for sharing each video. Click there so you can see options for linking to the video from your email or website.

Overview / Introduction

This short video provides an overview of and how it makes life easier for industrial suppliers and distributors. It's focused primarily on explaining "The Big Idea". Before watching any other videos which are focused on product demonstration, we ask that you watch this one first.

Training for Distributor Administrators

Distributor Administrators are the small handful people at each distributorship who make sure the appropriate information and assignments are made for their companies. It’s not a ton of effort, but watching this 12 minute video will make it a good deal easier.

Training for Distributor Sales People and Supplier Managers

Distributor Sales People and Supplier Managers have very focused functionality to use on The video is less than five minutes long.

Training for Supplier Sales People

Supplier Sales People have a very specific set of capabilities / responsibilities within the framework. Every supplier sales person should watch this short video to understand their role. The video is generic in nature, so your company will have to be specific with your sales team regarding how you plan to utilize to collaborate with your distributors.

Training for Supplier Administrators

The supplier administrator has the most significant responsibilities in the administrators. This video provides them with training on how to use all the functionality of and how to launch it to distributors.

We ask all supplier administrators watch the entire video. If you want to go back and watch certain portions, here are the time markings in which specific parts begin:

00:00 - Introduction
01:49 - Main Site
02:57 - Main Site: Profile
03:36 - Main Site: Check Email Communications
04:30 - Main Site: Manage Partnerships
06:18 - Main Site: Manage Our Employees
06:56 - Main Site: Manage Employee Assignments
07:15 - Main Site: Manage External Contacts
08:17 - Main Site: Create/View Posts
12:17 - Main Site: Manage Opportunities
14:11 - Main Site: Manage Distributor Plans
17:53 - Main Site: Manage POS Data Collection
19:54 - Main Site: Track Training and Certifications
21:07 - Main Site: Access Survey Content
21:18 - Main Site: Status Report
21:56 - Main Site: Supplier Website Access
22:23 - Main Site: Batch Interfaces
23:23 - Main Site: Notifications
23:44 - Remote Site for Sales People
28:57 - Explaining Value
30:02 - Getting Started
32:05 - Closing

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